Chat Wars Economy and Crafting Guide



Chat Wars is a Telegram based MMORPG. You create a hero and defend your castle against six other castles. I’ve been playing Highnest, so I don’t have exact information about other castles. The overall game mechanic is identical for each castle, but there might be some differences in game tactics etc. You should be able to grab the core mechanics of game from different in-game bots, but this Chat Wars Economy Guide gives you some insight into different value creation strategies.

9.5.2018: Please notice: this article is now outdated. Current economic system on Chat Wars is a bit more complex (and yes, flawed).



Succeeding in the game requires resource (gold + raw materials) gathering. With decent resources, you can buy better equipment and be of more value to your castle. Equipment increases your stats and better stats provide more experience.

How to gather resources

  • You can go to the forest. This gives you some gold and some raw materials. Or nothing happens.
  • You can foray. This gives you decent gold and exp. But you can get beaten and drop some gold.
  • You can attack. This gives you some exp, but you might win or lose some gold and raw materials + and randomly drop or gain items.
  • You can defend. This gives some exp and you can win or lose gold.

Before level 16  just go to the forest and defend.

Your Goal

Your first target is to reach level 16, which basically means you can get Attack and Defend attributes to 10. After this, you can start investing to Mithril gear and decent swords or spears. With Mithril, you can get decent stats. So skip tier 4 stuff and move directly to Mithril. Typical Mithril item costs around 500 gold. By now you have noticed the difficulty of gathering 500 gold

So how to protect your hard earned gold?

  1. Create Gold Pouches. These items store 100 Gold and cannot be dropped.
  2. Invest in items. You get 40 % back when selling an item from your inventory
  3. Store valuable resources to Exchange – before the battle put them on auction with ridiculous prices. Then sell those resources when you have resources for sale.

But what is the most effective strategy? I’ll get to that after introducing the crafting system.

Crafting Recipes for Chat Wars

Every item costs one Gold to craft.

  • Wrapping = 3 Cloth + 3 String
  • Gold Pouch = 12 Thread + 2 Leather + 120 Gold
  • Torch = 1 Coke + 5 Stick
  • Coke = 3 Coal + 3 Charcoal
  • String = 3 Stick
  • Steel = 2 Powder + 2 Iron Ore
  • Bone Powder = 4 Bone
  • Leather = 4 Pelt

I’ll skip Valentine’s Day special items for now, but probably there will be more stuff to craft in future versions. During Valentine’s day in 2018, you could gather resources to bake cakes and cakes would give you some special items such as Scroll of Rage or Scroll of Peace. Probably the same mechanic could be applied to Potions in the future.

What is the best way to save gold in Chat Wars?

There is no definite answer, but I’ll give you some calculations for thought. Exchange prices are constantly fluctuating, but I’ll try to give you the generic scale of things for estimations. Prices are based on mid-March 2018 levels and represent the lowest cost available.

  1. Crafting Money Pouches. You need 120 gold, 8 Pelts, and 12 Threads. First, you Craft Pelts to Leather (2 Gold) and then you Craft the Money Pouch itself (1 Gold).
    • If you have every resource in the first place, the cost is 123 Gold to save 100 Gold
    • If you have to buy everything from Exchange, the cost is 8 x 3 Gold for pelts and 12 x 2 Gold for Threads = 48 Gold + crafting 3 Gold + 120 Gold = 151 Gold to save 100 Gold.
    • Once you have created the pouch, your hard-earned Gold is now safe for future investments.
  2. Buying and selling items from Shop. You should invest in Tier 3 equipment such as Steel Dagger +3. It costs 103 Gold and if you sell it you’ll get 41 Gold (40 %) back. You can lose items when you attack, so there is some risk involved.
  3. Crafting more refined resources and selling them on Exchange. You could craft stuff from your resources.
    • Bone Powder 15 Gold with an investment of 16 Gold (Bone 4 x 4 Gold)
    • Coke 3 Gold with an investment of 7 Gold (Coal 3 x 1 Gold + Charcoal 3 x 1 Gold + Crafting 1 Gold)
    • Torch 10 Gold with an investment of 13 Gold (Coal 3 x 1 Gold + Charcoal 3 x 1 Gold + Crafting 1 Gold + 5 Stick x 1 Gold + Crafting 1 Gold)
      • If you buy Coke, then 10 Gold with an investment of 9 Gold (Coke 3 Gold + 5 Stick + Crafting 1 Gold)
      • Note: The market for Torches is limited
    • String 1 Gold with an investment of 4 Gold (3 Stick x 1 Gold + Crafting 1 Gold)
    • Steel 28 Gold with an investment of 33 Gold (2 Powder x 2 Gold + 2 Iron Ore x 14 Gold + Crafting)
    • Leather 15 Gold with an investment of 17 Gold (4 Pelt x 4 Gold + Crafting 1 Gold)
    • Remember – economic system is quite flawed, so there might not be of any need for a particular resource on the Exchange.
    • You can always lose resources during attacks.
  4. Trading in Exchange. You buy resources on the Exchange with the Gold you gain from Forest, Foray or battles. Once you’ve gathered enough resources you sell them and buy items.
    • Since the prices don’t really fluctuate too much (the only exception is before battles when the prices go up) you can quite safely invest to resources – especially Steel – and expect to get back what you invested and on good days you could make some more gold.
    • Once again, you could lose Steel during attacks, but if you have a lot of less valuable resources on your inventory the probability will be lower to lose more valuable resources.

Putting it together

These are the efficiency ratios (Cost / Investment):

  • Gold Pouch #1 – 0,81 (pre-owning all resources)
  • Gold Pouch #2 – 0,66 (buying all resources)
  • Selling items on Shop – 0,40
  • Bone Powder – 0,93
  • Coke – 0,42
  • Torch #1 – 0,76
  • Torch #2 – 1,11 (buying Coke)
  • String – 0,25
  • Steel – 0,85
  • Leather – 0,88

Currently, the best option would be to Craft Torches with Coke you buy from Exchange. Rotation time for Torches is not optimal, so the second best option would be Bone Powder and Steel / Leather. Again – saving for money pouches is the safest option but not the most efficient one. And because all prices fluctuate, this calculation is only showing the basic estimation of the best approach.


If you have any ideas or comments, feel free to share your thoughts. I’ll update this article from time to time.

Fly high 🙂

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